LG 49 inch UHD 4k TV

65,000.00 Br

LG 49 inch UHD 4k TV


LG 49 inch UHD 4k TV
ORIGINAL television

smart features
Apps and Games, Web Browser, Facebook, Skype Compatible, Gesture Control,  Voice Control, Smart Remote

Wifi and cable Internet, 1 USB Ports, 3 HDMI Ports

display 4K, 3840×2160

dimensions 1240 x 722 x 56.7 mm, Weight: 17.8 kg, Colour: Black

Price ETB 65,000 birr

Free Delivery Service

Address Gojam Berenda

phone numbers 0913561056 or 0923145713 or 0935149879

from E-buy Absyssinia


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